HP CP3525x specialty

The HP CP3525x laser jet printer is one of the best printers you can have inside your office. Why you may ask? It is enough to read about its features and all the reviews wrote by experts so you can make an opinion about it. You know that when you work in an office, many documents needs printing and you may have lots of those.

The special thing about this type of printer is that it doesn’t just print regular papers. It is very useful when you want to print photos, cards, labels and many other things because it is working perfectly well with any type of papers no matter how thick it may be. Also glossy paper is an alternative especially when you are thinking of printing cards or photographs. Its resolution is quite satisfactory and it can print with the same clarity black and white documents and colored ones as well. It is capable of printing at least 5000 prints in just one month but it can overcome this number and the quality and the clarity of the prints remains the same. The memory size is around 500 MB which is quite large. It moves very fast which will help you save time, and you may know that time means money. It is provided with three paper trays. Its standard connectivity is possible with the help of an USB cable which should be bought separately from the printer because it is not included in the package. It is compatible with mostly any operating system you may work with. It is also compatible with Macintosh systems.

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The power consumption is far from being too big. This means that it saves a lot of energy and again money. When it is on standby mode it is practically consuming less than 70 watts. It is not heating too much, which is a very good thing, and this is thankfully to the small energy consumption. The trays can hold almost 800 sheets which is quite good. The reviews are quite in this print favor. In conclusion this type of printer can help you do your work fast, proper and you may even enjoy yourself using such a device.